Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Pastoral Care


The pastoral care of all members of our school community is both implied and explicit.

It underlines how we organise our school, our positive relationship approach with each other to more explicit approaches including Rainbows, Financial Assistance for families, Mini Vinnies and the Archbishop’s Samaritan Fund.

We are a W.E.S.T. School!

Welcoming, Encouraging, Saying Sorry with sincerity and Thanking School.

Pastoral Care is making Jesus real in how we treat and care for each other. Circle Time, Buddy classes, House Team celebrations for making good decisions, are all part of our approach towards a positive school climate.

Our school, is part of the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program. This focuses on identifying key positive values we aspire to and developing plans to support these values being explicit in all of our interactions with each other.

We have a strong focus on positive behaviour strategies. We focus on recognising and rewarding  good decisions through good decision cards and raffle tickets linked to a house competition, drawn each week as part of our Assembly.

We also have an Afternoon Tea with the Principal once a month recognising 2 students from each class who have been exemplars of a particular focus. For example in the month of February the focus is Welcoming and Wearing your uniform with pride.

In 2016, we have introduced the MyTERN Program, Taking Emotional Responsibility Now; where students, staff and parents have been introduced to the idea of developing one's own resilience by solving problems and developing solutions to situations we may find ourselves in.  Resilience is developed by solving problems and finding solutions for ourselves.  We do this best when times are good, this prepares us for coping when things are not necessarily going so well.

The main concept behind MYTERN is that only you have control of your steering wheel. No-one else can make you happy, sad, angry or jealous; it is your response to whatever is going on that controls your wheel and takes you down either rough or smooth roads.